Shed Talks


Episode 1:

The Answers to Life, the Universe, and GOAT SEX!?!?!

Ever wonder what happens after death? or maybe how fast a super hero can stop a train? or how about we contemplate the origins of the universe….of goat babies?!?! Listen in on the first Annual Quest for knowledge, Shed talks.

Episode 2:


Cops,  are they good? bad? or little in-between? in this installment of Shed Talks, we take a look through our past…specifically run-ins with the law.  We also welcome our newest members to Shed Talks.

Episode 3:

Aids Cast

In a world filled with turmoil.  Two men take on the tough questions; Do Black Lives matter? Is Me Too better than Mew-two? Who will discuss the tolls caused by, robots shooting aids out of canons…that are earth benders!!! Tune in this week where we glaze-over these topics and more in the next installment of SHED TALKS!