• Bandages 



You know I’mma get, everything that I ever wanted
Bandage you up in gauze,
You know I’m bringing the bars ,
You Better hold the applause
Till I am reaching the top
You know I’m not gonna stop
Cuz I’m the man on the clock
Having a dream of making it big, without selling the rock
I be hot like the glock, when it shoot off a shot
I got dreams of making a lot, you be talking too much
You in a rush, like a kid tryna pee in a Bush
I have a dream, I got a scheme, I got the green, i left scene, I’m looking clean, you in between
The fence and the line, watch my pen as glide,
I left you all way behind,
I’m all the way up in time, decipher
my rhymes, you living so blind, I’m up in the sky, you wondering why,
It wasn’t you, who was spitting in the booth
I got on the scene I told your ass to move
wasn’t digging your grove, you sitting down like you wanna a menu
Talking like it’s what I do, you gotta move, I’m swinging in the pool,
You thought this kid was a fool,
For dropping out of his school,
But I am using my tools,
I’m going in like a ghoul, I’m watching you as you drool
That’s your blood in a pool, for thinking banging was cool, you should’ve stayed in the school
You know imma get, everything that I ever wanted
Know you in a casket,
momma wanna nice kid,
How the hell she gonna take it,
never thought you wouldn’t make it,
Back talking, I was taking, a vacation, from searching for my occupation
I was lost in the past, like you sticking to glass,
I’m talking about that condensation,
Use this flow for meditation,
Now I’m heavily taken, medication
I’m in-out patient, please have patience,
Nice to meet your acquiesce,
I be standing out like a blade tip
I’m just tryna bust a hip, you tryna RIP a bitch
Finger licking heritage,
You be sucking harder then asparagus
I be staying loyal like successful marriages
You be bleeding out like you ain’t using bandages
I know you just running out of precious oxygen
You can’t put me in a box again
I’m a ruthless, savages, Mexican
Deadly with the pen, I ain’t tryna be friend
Tell me Let’s go rap, I be saying where and when
When we coma back, you ain’t gonna be the same again
No no no you ain’t gonna be the same again