About Us

Fletch & Mando




This Company was founded by two local boys with a dream to Inspire, Entertain, and Innovate through the use of Art, Music, and Laughter.

Fletcher is an aspiring young illustrator, story teller, and free thinker.  He uses his unique ideas to bring to life lovable characters.  He fills his writings with meaningful dialogue along with a touch of comedy.  He likes to spend his time in solitude pondering the bigger questions in life.

“Life is a joke. You can either be the butt of it or laugh along with it.” ~ Fletch

Jose is a Lovable optimist who always finds a way to see the humor in any situation. Through his rap he weaves stories and surreal experiences that leave you in awe as you laugh the whole time. He brings a new meaning to the word “Free-style” as you never know what he’s gonna say next. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life.